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Depth insights into Cinema DNG RAW

bildA homeless browser tab (whose origin we can not understand) led us to this blog. Here obviously writes a connoisseur of RAW matter hoechst interesting material. Actually it is about the RAW format of the Sony FS-700 and how it lands on an Odyssey ...more

[10:24 sat,25.October 2014   by ]

Intel Broadwell-E will come only in 2016

bildAfter AMD no longer very active in the race for the fastest CPUs mitkaempft against Intel, it seems Intel tackle a bit slower with the introduction of new technologies. Especially the new Haswell-E processors have come onto the market so only get ...more

[11:30 fri,24.October 2014   by ]

Adobe tests new Creative Cloud prices

bildAccording to Heise Adobe tests until the end of October different pricing models for its Creative Cloud. Having always resurface demands of users to adapt the european prices to the American, or simply offer a globally valid price for everyone, the ...more

[10:30 thu,23.October 2014   by ]


bildWho will be able to produce a 6-second horror film that can Quentin Tarantino, Vanessa Hudgens, Rob Lowe and Elijah Wood scare? Director Eli Roth has proclaimed an online competition under the name 6SecondScare in which this Hollywod-sizes sit on ...more

[12:33 wed,22.October 2014   by ]

MOX - the next solution all codec format problems?

bildWith MOX to be created by Indiegogo an open file format standard for video and audio files. Mox is here for video and audio store lossless and / or near-lossless can to allow as intermediate codec exchange between applications. For here it is to ...more

[14:36 tue,21.October 2014   by ]

Here we go round - Kodak Pixpro SP360

bildWith the Pixpro SP360 manages Kodak actually give the product segment ActionCam again a new twist. Because this model allows through a special lens actually create 360 u200bu200bdegree panoramic video recordings. PIC 1: The Kodak Pixpro SP360 can ...more

[16:54 mon,20.October 2014   by ]
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